Family friendly

The house is suitable for the whole family to stay in. We have a large family ourselves so know what works, and want you and your brood to experience the same home comforts that we enjoy.

Remember that this is a large, old house with plenty of nooks and crannies for children to explore, so as you would elsewhere, remember to keep an eye on them and ensure they enjoy their holiday safely.

The easy-to-operate swimming pool cover complies with stringent French safety requirements. There is also a paddling pool which is stored in the stables, so if you prefer your babies/children to play in there, we recommend putting it under the magnolia tree as it’s shady and near the outside tap.

Within the main house you will find:

  • Three wooden cots
  • ‘Pod’ steam steriliser from Mothercare – put 70ml of water in and eight minutes later your bottles and dummies are done
  • Stairgates fitted at three points in the house – dining room to lounge, hall to library and outside the cream and blue bedrooms

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